TRUE Orgasm & Sex Secrets Revealed From An Intercourse Guru That Leaves Her Begging YOU For Sex!

Love-Making Techniques Without a Single Unhappy Customer To Date!

Like A GPS System To Quickest Orgasms & Sex That Will Stay In Her Mind All 1,440 Minutes In A Day

REPEATED Orgasms Reached By Your Partner In Record Time Having Her Thinking Your Name 24-7

… To Date, Almost 50 Sizzling Sex Tips You Can Use -  Best Of All, They Can Be Implemented Instantly To HAVE HER BEGGING For Your Touch & Abilities…

Love Orgasms?  Want Them To Feel Even Better & Last Longer?  Dynamite Proven Ways To Magnify The Feeling Of An Orgasm On Your Partner.  This Is NOT Theory!  It’s Science!

Hey Bedroom Master,

Frustration is what brought me to your guide.  I have had sex with several women, in fact more than most people my age I am told.  It is driving me crazy however how few would come back to me after intercourse.

I always thought I was doing well with sex but then would never hear back from the girl.  Eventually I realized it had to be me as the same pattern happened over and over so I wised up.

I found Bedroom Master and it totally changed my thinking and approach to sex.  My next session went well beyond expectations.

I am infinitely better in the bedroom now as a result.


Newark, NJ.

How Fast Can You Be Her Best Lover?

Within Minutes Of You Reading You Will Learn How To Have Hours Long Sex

Give Her Orgasms She Cannot Give Herself & Pleasure Spots No Other Man Has Provided Her

This Isn’t For Just Casual Sex.  It Is For Mind-Blowing, Forgetting Your Own Name During, Closing Your Eyes Pleasure You’re Feeling, SCREAMING Sex!

Dear future Casanova,

Why am I calling you Casanova?  Even if you are absolutely earth-shattering between the sheets, this digital guide will alter your bedroom pleasure forever.

Think of it like learning to drive a car all over again, but instead of a beaten down clunker, you are now driving a Ferrari.  Of course you may know the techniques to drive, but you don’t know every shortcut, every route, and of course most importantly, every destination.

You may think this isn’t for you.  “I've never gotten any complaints” you are thinking.  The purpose of this is not to avoid complaints.  It is to make you unforgettable.  To make the woman or women in your life not just want sex with you, but to make her think about you every single night she puts her head on the pillow.  To have her thinking your name in a trance like state.

Did you know? 

Over 90% of women have not had a stimulated orgasm with their partner within the last 24 months.

Less than 20% of women have orgasms only once a week.  That’s it.

1 out of every 2 women fake their orgasms to make sex end faster

Over 81% of women polled preferred laying next to their partner for pleasure instead of sex.  81%!!!!

And most telling..

Over 72% of women have NEVER achieved an orgasm with their partner.

Think these numbers are nothing to worry about?  Consider this:

This data is comprised from three separate magazines who in total, polled over 20,000 women from July 2009-November 2009.

Still think you are Casanova?

3 out of 4 women think about other men while having sex with THEIR man.

Does this get your attention!?  It should.  Do you fall into this statistic?

Answer this:  Would you rather your bed buddy prefer you or the latest sex toy she has picked up?  Worse yet, do you really want her fantasizing about her favorite movie star, her co-workers or worst of all one of your friends?

Having studied the female body for over a decade medically, I can personally assure you areas of stimulation are not met by the average Joe.

Keep in mind that if you are not pleasing her to the best of your ability, she’ll attempt to find someone that does.


I found your guide described on a torrent and got interested.  I am 24 years old and can count the number of times I’ve had sex on one hand.  Obviously I sucked because I was never once told I was good from a woman.

I had my suspicions that I was not getting them to climax and after reading your guide I was certain of it.  After the straight forward, no bull-crap information I was able to make my ex-girlfriend scream.  Small beans for some people, but a world of difference for me.

Thank you for the easy read and helping the previously hopeless.


Ocala, FL.

Hey Masters of the Bedroom!

Sounds like Masters of the Universe!  The reality is not far off.  I did not even know where to begin stimulating a girl unlike any man ever had before.  I was worried I couldn’t measure up and like my friends I want sex with a girl to be more than a one time thing.

One night stands are fun, but everyone knows those are few and far between.  I absolutely needed these girls begging me back to have sex and that is exactly what I have gotten.

I am the infamous guy who made a name for himself in the forums, with all the success I had with “Bedroom Master.”

Sincere thanks are in order.  I owe you a beer and some stories.


Durand, MN

Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, & Women Today Magazines all have conducted similar polls yielding the same results.

How sure are you that your partner is happy with you sexually?  Are you fulfilling literally EVERY need she has?

Studies show that your significant other has faked an orgasm at one point or another.  You might be thinking "no big deal, I got my orgasm." or perhaps "Who cares what she thinks?" Where do you think this trend leads?

How familiar are you with her excuses?

Is she too tired?

Is work “bogging” her down?

Does she not “feel like it”  at times for having sex?

This guide isn’t just about building a better sexual prowess… it’s about building a better life.  Whether you are seeking pure lust or intimacy, you want her coming back to you and you alone for sex like a moth to a flame.  There is a difference between your lover desiring intercourse, and your lover craving it.

How different would your life be if your girlfriend or wife was begging you to get down and dirty?  How about ALL the time?!

At the end of the day you will receive 3 things at MINIMUM:

 An Increased Sexual Drive In Your Partner

 Longer Sex Sessions

 Faster Ways To Make Your Lover Reach Orgasms!

This isn’t just some information that sounds good or “may” work.  It is about learning the nuances of the female body to make her satisfaction go through the roof.  The very goal of this guide is to make you quite literally the perfect man sexually.  It's not Bedroom Teacher.  It’s Bedroom MASTER.  

It’s simple.  Forget everything you know about making love.  Even if you are a guru, we will make you a master.  It is important to approach this with an open mind, for if you are really, honestly pleasing your lover, you are an exception.

Bedroom Master explains the dirty work you MUST do to invigorate a healthy sexual relationship.  It works with any level of kinkiness and experience.

Virgin?  No matter.  Bedroom Master teaches you how to instantly become the lover she wants.

More importantly than anything, it is fun to follow.  It is for your enjoyment to learn and use the techniques described to increase YOUR pleasure as well.

Hey Bob,

I am not sure how many women take the time to write you back, but thank you for teaching my boyfriend everything that I could not.  It wasn’t until after we had amazing sex that he admitted to learning how to please me better.

At first I actually thought he was kidding until I gave it a read myself.  Your experience in the field of female anatomy is dead on and I can personally tell you I have never experienced such amazing orgasms.

This guide she be required reading for guys like my boyfriend who only THOUGHT they were making me climax all the time, instead of actually doing it.

What a relief he found this for me.


Los Angeles, CA.

You know those moans she makes when you strike gold on occasion?  It's time you hear them all the time.

People are all about guarantees, and I will make one:

With Bedroom Master you will never have your girlfriend or wife fake an orgasm ever again. 

In fact, not only will you provide her the most euphoria she has ever felt, she will be trained obediently to always want you to be
the one to please her.

Not bad right?

How sincere am I you ask?  I place my entire reputation on it.  Don’t feel like you have achieved the best sex of your life?  Get a refund, no questions asked.  It really is that straight-forward.

These techniques should be practiced, but this guide is also specifically designed to make you better at pleasing OVERNIGHT.  It is like having a cheat sheet to sex that no other man has ever had with her.

There are plenty of “Do’s”  in bed, but here are the “Don’ts” for Bedroom Master:

You DON’T need a large libido for the techniques to work.

It is a complete an utter myth that a big penis is needed to stimulate the female vagina more than an average sized penis.

You will see upon reading the ins and outs of the techniques how particular positions and motions make all the difference in the world to making her feel like a volcano waiting to erupt.

It may seem silly, but think of sex like studying for a big test.  Sure you can choose not to read the book and “pass” the test.  But wouldn’t you rather ace it instead?

Educate yourself.

You DON’T need to be a master at foreplay.

Foreplay has its place.  But this book is about better sex, and everything in between.  Obviously making the woman comfortable is hugely advantageous, but we don’t want her to just feel at home, we want her to feel like she is on the moon repeatedly.

If you have a woman who is not a fan of foreplay altogether, you might take particular interest in certain orgasms listed inside!

Bedroom Master was voted quickest way to achieve maximum orgasms.

Not bad eh?

You DON’T need to be able to currently maintain your erection for a long period of time.

We will show you how to keep an erection as long as you need it to do the deed.  This all depends on how long you want the whole experience to last.

If you are in it for the quick thrill, techniques are inside.

If you are in it for marathon love-making, the key is provided.

Bedroom Master is your personal roadmap to PERFECTION.  It is like Sex GPS where every direction is a shortcut.

DON’T be concerned about premature ejaculation.

Honestly, do you think we haven’t studied this extensively?  Of course we have.

If you were only lasting minutes before we'll get you on the right track to superior lovemaking.

This maximizes pleasure not only for you, but for her as well.


Where to begin?  I went from a boy to a man reading and implementing this guide.  It flows so easily and there are so many head-slapping moments in here when I said, “why wasn’t I doing this earlier?”

I actually thought I was pretty good in bed with girls but I am a go-getter and wanted to know if I could do more.  It was incredibly humbling reading all the information packed in here, particularly the techniques provided.

The statistics from women are truly eye-opening, and I appreciate you creating the holy grail of sex guides.

I am now, I am proud to admit, a Bedroom Master.


Vancouver, BC

This is all about taking control in EVERY aspect.  Your body, her body, length of sex, length of orgasms, number of orgasms, and so on.  It is like seeing the future and knowing how to reach the destination you want.

It is THAT powerful.

Inside You’ll Find:

 Ways To Make Her Orgasm That 92% Of Men Don’t Know About

 How To Get In The Proper Frame Of Mind To Please Her Entire Body

 How To Make Her Have A True Orgasm Every Single Time You Touch Her!

 How To Tell If She Is “Faking It” & What To Do To Prevent It

 Specific Female Orgasms And How To Deliver Them Constantly!

 Positions That Stimulate Her Body Most Effectively And Most Quickly

 Learning The Nuances Of Her Vagina & How To Stimulate Whichever Area You Prefer

 Sex Strategies That Tattoo Themselves Into The Mind Of Your Lover

 How To Make Her Orgasm In Record Time.  Yes, It’s True.

… And Pages and Pages More!

I have studied sex for over a decade.  The difference however between me and other “sexperts” (sexual experts), is that I also majored in female anatomy while attending school.  I know what works from memorizing the human bodies’ erogenous zones like the back of my hand.  From endless tests, to interviews with females, to interviews with couples, from divorcees to virgins, I know sex.

This isn’t just running into some guy that has “had a lot of women.”

This is from a guy that KNOWS women.  There is a huge difference.

Often I am asked who can benefit from my knowledge.  The answer is easy.  Everyone.  Virgins worry it may be too advanced.  It is not.  It is merely having the skeleton key to open every door on a woman’s body.

Plenty of men can open a door or two on their lover.  I show you how to open EVERY door.

Women are not animals, but they can be trained.  Not in a degrading way, in a pleasure filled avenue.

Women want to just think of one man pleasing them when they go to bed at night.

So what do you think of?

Would you prefer your wife, girlfriend, or better yet, your EX-girlfriend to be thinking of you every time she got turned on?

This isn’t a dream.  It is possible inside Bedroom Master.

The title of this guide represents reaching for the stars to land on the moon.  It isn’t enough to be a mature lover.  It is everything however to be a MASTER.

Quite simply you will be the best lover she’s ever had.  You don’t need to be a math major to add it all up in your mind.

Bedroom Master was voted the quickest way to achieve maximum orgasms in women. 
(If you are curious this was from over 10,000 women polled.  10,000+!)

That is 10,000 women endorsing this as their sexual freedom.

The vote was entirely anonymous and thus only truthful answers emerged.

Bedroom Master is an easy read.  It isn’t splitting hairs, it tells you exactly what to do.  It is also not theory.  It is fact.  The information provided isn’t just ‘hoping for the best’ and wishing you well.  It is EXPECTING the outcome to be nothing less than life-changing.

Do you think your girlfriend has ever bragged to her friends about your abilities in bed?

Do you want her to?

While it is exceptionally entertaining to read, most importantly it is helpful.

This is your sexual revolution.

Let’s just give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are an “8” in the bedroom on a scale of 1 to 10.  Congratulations.  By being an 8 you are well past the curve of thousands of other struggling men.

Now how would you like to be a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10?

So what else is in this guide?

 The Killer Mindset You Must Have For Mind-Blowing Sex  pg 10

 The 12 Golden Rules That Must Be Followed In Bed  pg 12

 4 Kinds Of Female Orgasms And How To Expertly Stimulate Them On Command!  pg 13

 4 Steps You Must Remember During the "Prelude To The Love Dancepg 15

 Beginner To Sex?  No problem.  Dynamite Sex Positions For Total Newbies  pg 22

 The Quickest Position And Technique Studies Have Shown To Give Her A Mind Numbing Orgasm!  pg 24

 In A Fight With Your Lover?  The Absolute BEST Position For 'Angry Sex' pg 26

 Problems In The Sack?  Working Your Way Through Sexual Despondency  pg 32

 How To Entice Her To Swallow Your Semen WILLINGLY And What To Take To Do So  pg 40

 REVEALED:  How To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone To Get Your Body In OPTIMAL Shape For Sex!  pg 54

 Little Known Foods That Kindle Her Erogenous Zones And Have Her Begging YOU For sex  pg 59

 Zoning In On Her Fabled "G-Spot" And How You'll Most Likely Be The Only One To Set It Off!  pg 78

 Is Your Sex In A Slump?  4 Easy Changes To IMMEDIATELY Reinvigorate It With Your Partner  pg 86

 EXPOSED!  How To Have Multiple Orgasms With Ease  pg 88

...And Much More!

Bedroom Master is chock full of sex tips and techniques jam-packed into a 96 page ebook!

The female you choose to have sex with may not have your name tattooed on her body, but she will have it tattooed on her mind 365 days a year once you implement the techniques listed inside.

I’d call that being a master.


(one time fee!)

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100% Money Back Guarantee If You Aren't Satisfied

Order for immediate access any time of day, yes even if it's 3am!

Warmest welcome,

I am a licensed physician with years of experience in the anatomy of the female body.  One of my patients asked me to look over this guide, “Bedroom Master,” to give an honest take on the material provided.

I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy portrayed on the pages inside, and your analysis of the stimulation of women is X marking the spot.  The stimulation techniques are on point and accurate.  I can warmly say that this material is fantastic for anyone from beginners to (almost) masters, because it is presented intelligently.  Even more than that, the information provided inside is 100% accurate.

This is everything you can ask for in wanting sexual guidance, with the only thing missing being a taxi ride to the free health clinic.

I tip my hat.


Boston, MA

Kind Regards,

P.S.  You can rest assured that getting this information is 100% private and discreet. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror.  How good are you really at sex?  Do you want to stumble around and find your own way or possess the proven roadmap to get there?

P.P.S.  A sexual revolution is a click away.  Did I have your attention when I revealed that 3 out of 4 women fantasize about other men during sex?  It is time for your sexual awakening.  The choice is yours.

(Immediate Access!)

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